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starkidstamp's Journal

Team StarKid Stamps
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A stamping community for Team StarKid

Welcome to starkidstamp, which is a stamping community for Team Starkid and Starkid Productions, the wonderful people who gave us musicals like A Very Potter Musical and Me and My Dick. I, captain_sarah, am your mod, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. I'm really nice and I'm not a cannibal so don't be afraid that I might eat you or something. If you like stamps and if you like Starkid, you should join this here community and I hope y'all have fun!

rules & info
There's only a few, but here's the dealio:
1. Put your application under a cut. If you don't know how to do so, there's no better time to learn than now. You can do that here.
2. When you're stamping people, please be nice to them. No one likes mean people.
3. You must be stamped to apply for any of the themes.
4. To make sure you read this put "super mega foxy awesome hot" as the subject.

application & themes
Main Application:

Stamping options are located HERE.

Themes: These are always open!
A Very Potter Musical
A Very Potter Sequel

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