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18 March 2012 @ 02:13 pm
Do you love Glee? Fan fiction? Role playing? Starkids? If so, check out these role play games that are in need of some really dedicated writers.

wmhigh is a canon game, focusing on the lives of our favorite McKinley students. The game is desperately in need of a few very important Gleeks for some really awesome story lines: Artie, Sugar(our Rory would flip for her), Joe Hart, Will Schuester, and Warblers: Thad, & Flint (we have Nick, Trent, Jeff & Sebastian!), Shelby, Emma, and more. These are roles that would provide a lot of fun for a dedicated writer. Interested in playing? Click here.

If RPS fiction and celebrity role play interests you, check out gleekrats. It is a celebrity based game centered around the people associated with Glee, Starkids and more. The writers are all active, friendly, chat on aim, comment and scene regularly. Currently needed at gleekrats: Cory, Harry, Jenna, Damian, Samuel, Matthew Morrison, Matt Bomer, A.J. Holmes, Bonnie Gruesen, Brian Holden, Brian Rosenthal, Meredith Stepien, Nick Lang, Jonathan Groff, Vanessa Lengies, Ashley Fink, Eddy Martin, Dominic Barnes, Telly Leung, Charlene Kaye, Chuck Criss, Nash Overstreet, Neil Patrick Harris and Ricky Martin. Interested in celeb rp? Click here.

If you have any questions? Feel free to comment and ask. I'll gladly answer any of your concerns.
09 October 2011 @ 11:26 am

<b>Name</b>: Christine
<b>Age</b>: 13
<b>Your positive traits</b>: Smart, strong-willed, slightly comedic. 
<b>Your negative traits</b>: Sometimes annoying, pessimistic.
<b>Write a paragraph describing yourself</b>: I would liike to be a writer, I'm identified gifted, and I like food. I basically have nothing better to do with my life than fangirl. So I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and Starkid. And Lauren Lopez. She's mine. Not yours. Mine. I also looove Twitter. Add me(@PotterAmity)!
<b>Hobbies</b>: Twitter, Harry Potter, Starkid, Lauren Lopez, wrting.
<b>Goals</b>: To hug Lauren Lopez. Hug her and never let go.

<b>Movie</b>: Harry Potter.
<b>Television show</b>: Big Bang Theory/New girl/Modern Family
<b>Book</b>: Harry Potter.
<b>Musician/Type of music</b>: Darren. He wrote all of AVPM and AVPS. He's amazing.
<b>Color</b>: Purple
<b>Food</b>: RedVines. Even though I've never tried them.

<b><u>THIS OR THAT</b></u>
<b>Introverted or Extroverted</b>: Introvert
<b>Impulsive or Cautious</b>: Cautious
<b>Mature or Immature</b>: Depends
<b>Silly or Serious</b>: Depends
<b>Optimistic or Pessimistic</b>: Pessimistic
<b>Idealistic or Realistic</b>: Idealistsic
<b>Kind or Selfish</b>: Kind
<b>Rule or Be Ruled</b>: Be Ruled
<b>Red Vines or Twizzlers</b>: REDVINES

<b>How many of their shows have you seen?</b>: I've watched all of them on YouTube. Except I couldn't finish MAMD, too dirty for my innocent mind.
<b>What is your favorite production of theirs?</b>: A Very Potter Sequel
<b>Who is your favorite StarKid?</b>: LAUREN FREAKIN LOPEZ
<b>Out of all the options, who do you think are LEAST like you?</b>
Jim Povolo. He's too awesome.
<b>Would you like a male or female stamp? Or both?</b>: Both!!!!
<b>Anything else?</b>


21 February 2011 @ 02:30 am
I'm Cho Chang, y'all!Collapse )
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30 December 2010 @ 06:53 pm
Can't we just be death eaters?Collapse )


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29 December 2010 @ 09:28 pm



ty sarah for permission~